Eric Rubiel Dolores Cuenca.
Department of Mathematics
Northwestern University
2033 Sheridan Road Evanston, IL 60208-2730, USA

Teaching experience:

Math 234 summer quarter, Multivariable calculus.

Computer Science:

I am familiar with algorithm theory.
I can code in C,C+ and basic assembly language.

Data Science

Data analyst for the project Making a criminal. (Tested on Google Chrome). I showed that while deportations have decreased, federal criminal prosecutions of immigrants across the U.S. have steadily increased.
Regular at Chi Hacknight Chicago's weekly hackathon.
Attended courses on: Desing and analysis of experiments, and Analysis of algorithms, Machine learning (currently auditing).
SAS Certificates:SAS essentials , SQL essentials , Introduction to Statistical Concepts, Introduction to Anova, regression and logistic regression.

Research Interest:

Operads, Drinfeld associators, homological algebra, category theory.

I work with Dmitry Tamarkin on the DG-Swiss cheese conjecture of Kontsevich.

Preprint: On regions of convergence of hyperholomorphic functions". While I was an undergrad I showed how to extend the Cauchy-Hadamard theorem to quaternionic analysis, the methods allowed us to prove a couple of Abel's theorems about convergence of (hyperholomorphic) series Here is the complete thesis in Spanish.

Associators, Formality and Invariants seminar. I have spent time learning about non-commutativity and analysis with Shapiro Fishman, homotopy and categories with Lupercio Lara, and Operads with ( Dmitry Tamarkin ). Naturally I am intrigued by the theory of Drinfeld associators, so I organized a seminar called: Associators, Formality and Invariants, where I talked about EK-quantization of lie bialgebras, Homotopy Gerstenhaber algebras and formality, among other topics.
Here are some notes.
(notes) from Licata's course: Braid group actions from representation theory).
My own notes on A infinity algebras (I was told there was an associator involved...)
My own notes on Genus-zero TQFTs and operads from the seminar on: Reshetikhin Turaev Invariants.


I'm coauthor of the article: Growth of (Re, Pb)-Ca-Ba-Cu-Ag-O Precursor films by spray Pyrolysis Technique, Symposium Solar Cells \& Solar Energy Materials, XIV International Materials Research Congress 2005, Abstracts Book p. 32.


A couple of years ago I volunteered to organize international cultural protest against killing of women in Mexico. That means: I coordinated the creation of a book of indigenous poetry, I gave advise about art expositions in Chicago and Denmark, among other peaceful activities. The only goal was to allow the mexican population to express their disconfort with the terrible situation. Ciudad Juarez also Edo. Mex
Volunteer at AccessibleNU: I helped a couple of students with a disability to catch up on their math courses.
Volunteer at 7th Annual IACS Diversity Career Expo.